Signs by Tony McKenna from Musselburgh
McKenna Signage Van Letters created by sign writer Tony McKenna Gold Leaf Work

East Lothian area Signwriting, signage and banners from Tony McKenna.

McKenna Sign Age - Create all types of Signs


All types of Signs

McKenna Signage is a Musselburgh, in East Lothian based signwriter company operated by Tony McKenna, creating all types of signs for shops, business, advertising or personal use.

From shop fronts, vehicle sign wraps, sports ground banners, to gold leaf lettering and signs, McKenna Signage can create the perfect sign for you or your business.

We can provide:

Flat Cut Lettering

Window Graphics

Vinyl Lettering

PVC Banners

Gold Leaf Work

About McKenna Signage

The company was created by Musselburgh man Tony McKenna back in 1980, and since then Tony has created many signs for well known businesses in Musselburgh, East Lothian, Midlothian and the general Edinburgh area.

After working for four years with George Maxwell and Sons of Musselburgh, hand painting and decorating fairground equipment. (Waltzer and Dodgem cars etc.) Tony McKenna decided it was time to start on his own.

All that he needed then was some paint, a few brushes and a lot of skill. Like all trades computers became an important tool of the trade and Tony attended Telford College, where he took many classes in sign work.

Now if you look around Edinburgh and East Lothian you will see many signs created by Tony and McKenna Signage. From the iconic "Staggs" sign on Musselburgh's famous pub in North High Street, to the "Quay Fitness Club" and "Clark Brothers Fishmongers" at Fisherrow.

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